Rent certified arborist for correct tree care

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Hiring an arborist is a worthwhile investment.

Lately, I used to be requested by a retired couple to have a look at some bushes on their property that an arborist they employed mentioned wanted to be eliminated. The bushes weren’t good. They had been older water oaks, however the arborist on this case instructed them that the orange progress (lichen) rising on the bark of their tree was killing it, and that if they didn’t take the tree down the illness on their tree would begin to have an effect on the wooden of their house.

What the tree removing specialist was telling the couple had no foundation in actual fact. The lichen was not harming their tree and it might not have an effect on the wooden of their home. My hope is that the arborist was uninformed and never merely preying on this couple’s fears. Granted, I used to be not there and am merely repeating what the couple instructed me. However after I talked to them, I felt the necessity to write this text.

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