PM Kisan: What’s Kisan Credit score Card? Find out how to apply? Know step-by-step course of to use KCC on-line by SBI

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The Kisan Credit score Card (KCC) scheme is a Central scheme that gives farmers with well timed entry to credit score. The scheme was launched in 1998 with an goal to supply short-term formal credit score to farmers. It was created by the Nationwide Financial institution for Agriculture and Rural Growth (NABARD).  

The PM Kisan Credit score Playing cards have now been linked to the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM Kisan). Farmers can search a mortgage from KCC for as much as Rs 3 lakh at 4 per cent rate of interest. It’s also simpler for PM Kisan beneficiaries to use for KCC.

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“Greater than 2 crore Kisan Credit score Playing cards have been issued throughout Corona individual, most of them to small farmers. Such farmers will probably be benefitted by the agriculture infrastructure and connectivity infrastructure that’s arising within the nation,” in response to PIB.

The KCC scheme was launched to make sure that the credit score necessities for farmers within the agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry sector was being met. This was finished by serving to them avail short-term loans and supply them with a credit score restrict to buy tools and for his or her different bills as effectively.  

Furthermore, with the assistance of KCC, farmers are exempt from the excessive rates of interest of the common loans supplied by banks because the rate of interest for KCC begins as little as 2 per cent and averages at 4 per cent. With the assistance of this scheme, farmers can repay their loans relying on the harvesting interval of their crop for which the mortgage was given.  

Farmers may apply for Kisan Credit score Card by the State Financial institution of India. SBI began this on-line service to facilitate KCC Assessment. SBI tweeted: “Empowering farmers by facilitating KCC Assessment characteristic on YONO Krishi platform! SBI farmer clients can now apply for KCC evaluate with out visiting the department, have to obtain SBI YONO app.”  

Listed below are the steps to use on-line   

Step 1: Downloaded SBI YONO app  

Step 2: Log in at  

Step 3: Then go to YONO Krishi  

Step4: Then go to Khata  

Step 5: Go to KCC Assessment part  

Step 6: Click on on Apply 

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