Ought to I File an Insurance coverage Declare for Bumper Harm?

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Automotive insurance coverage exists to cowl you financially in case your automobile suffers main damages or in case you are concerned in an accident with one other motorist. Nevertheless, not all conditions require you to file a declare. A fender bender, as an example, is one such circumstance that might put you in a dilemma over submitting an insurance coverage declare. Bumper injury is a typical incidence for any automobile, however realizing whether or not or to not get your insurance coverage firm to foot the invoice may prevent cash and future troubles.

Ought to I file an insurance coverage declare for bumper injury?

Earlier than you file an insurance coverage declare for any occasion that impacts your automobile, attempt to contemplate the implications. Any declare you make might trigger your premiums to rise for the subsequent few years. Subsequently, when your automobile has been concerned in a fender bender and you might be asking your self, “Ought to I file an insurance coverage declare for bumper injury?” it’s helpful to reply the next questions first:

Was one other driver concerned?

In case your fender bender accident was a results of a collision with one other automobile, it is best to instantly inform your insurance coverage firm, even when there was no main injury. Contacting your insurer helps guarantee that you’re lined in case the opposite driver sues you for legal responsibility and will assist the insurance coverage firm decide who was accountable for the accident.

Was anybody injured?

In the event you, your passenger or one other motorist is injured within the fender bender accident, it is best to inform your insurance coverage firm as quickly as doable, no matter who was accountable. Making an attempt to maintain the occasion out of your insurance coverage firm and paying for it out of your pocket may lead to penalties afterward, akin to a lawsuit for accidents.

How a lot is the price of injury in comparison with your deductible?

If the bills to restore the bumper injury is greater than your automobile insurance coverage deductible, submitting a declare might make sense. Nevertheless, if the price is decrease than your deductible, you might contemplate paying for it out of pocket to keep away from threat of a premium hike.

When to contemplate submitting a declare for a fender bender

There are just a few situations when you might contemplate submitting a declare for bumper injury, akin to:

  • When you must pay legal responsibility protection for one more driver: If there may be one other driver concerned and it is advisable to pay for damages or medical payments, you might want to tell your insurance coverage firm and file a declare.
  • Once you can not afford the bills: If the price is increased than your deductible and too steep so that you can pay by your self, submitting an insurance coverage declare may very well be the best choice.
  • When it was not your fault: In case your bumper injury was the fault of the opposite motorist, it might be essential to contain your insurance coverage firm and attempt to get legal responsibility protection from the opposite celebration.

When to contemplate not submitting a declare for a fender bender

In sure situations of a fender bender collision, submitting a declare may invite extra issues together with your insurance coverage firm. You might contemplate not submitting a declare for bumper injury if:

  • Solely your automobile is broken: If no different motorist was concerned and also you wouldn’t have to pay for legal responsibility, it might be higher to maintain from submitting a declare. Not submitting a declare might make much more sense in the event you wouldn’t have a full protection coverage.
  • You’ve got had a latest declare: In the event you had a declare within the final three years, submitting one other one may drastically enhance the speed of your premium. Moreover, it may additionally mark you as a high-risk driver.
  • It was your fault: In the event you suffered bumper injury due to your individual negligence, it might be finest to pay for it out of pocket if the injury bills are inside your means. Submitting a declare may sign a purple flag to your insurer.

Incessantly requested questions

What’s a fender bender?

Any minor vehicle crash or collision that ends in a broken bumper or extra is named a fender bender colloquially. Getting rear-ended, bumping into one other automobile whereas parking or discovering a dent in your automobile brought on by one other driver might all be examples of fender benders.

Will a small fender bender increase my insurance coverage price?

In the event you file a declare for a fender bender, it has a very good likelihood of elevating your insurance coverage price to a sure extent. Some insurance coverage corporations provide you with leeway if it’s your first declare, however more often than not, you might anticipate a price enhance of at the least just a few proportion factors after a declare.

Do minor automobile accidents have to be reported?

Minor incidents that don’t contain different drivers, don’t trigger accidents or main damages and don’t lead to a site visitors violation can often go with out being reported. Nevertheless, at any time when one other automobile or important damages are concerned, it ought to be reported to the police and your insurance coverage firm to keep away from authorized hassles later.

How a lot does a fender bender price?

The price of bumper restore will rely on the extent of the injury. Changing a bumper is usually far more costly than fixing a minor dent or scratch, which may additionally rely on whether or not every other element behind the bumper experiences injury.

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